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Issue 150

DRD150: "This is the end | Beautiful friend" — The Doors

On Feb 28, 2024

Issue 149

DRD149: It's Valentine's Day — a good day to talk about how to mend a broken heart. Well, money helps.

On Feb 14, 2024

Issue 148

DRD149: Your every-other-week dose of RubyMotion and DRGTK goodness.

On Jan 31, 2024

Issue 147

DRD147: New Year, new you! Or have those resolutions already been broken?

On Jan 17, 2024

Issue 146

DRD146: The 2023 Year-in-Review Issue (Sort of)

On Jan 03, 2024

Issue 145

DRD145:The Saint Nicholas Day, Hanukkah, Immaculate Conception, Rohatsu, Advent Fast, Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Posadas Navidenas, Solstice, Christmas, Zarathosht Diso, Feas...

On Dec 13, 2023

Issue 144

DRD144: Do games make us better and can they change the world? Apparently so, according to one noted author.

On Nov 29, 2023

Issue 143

DRD143: It's your every-other-week safari 🦍 across the DragonRuby, RubyMotion and Ruby landscape.

On Nov 01, 2023

Issue 142

DRD142: Fonts, and their role in the decline of western civilization.

On Oct 18, 2023

Issue 141

DRD141: Soft launch or hard?

On Oct 04, 2023

Issue 140

DRD140: Contained herein, your engraved invitation from none other than Apple.

On Sep 20, 2023

Issue 139

DRD139:Find a good tool and use it, or risk being one.

On Sep 06, 2023

Issue 138

DRD138:Trust, but verify. Or failing that, carry really good liability insurance.

On Aug 23, 2023

Issue 137

DRD137:It's the dog days of summer. So what the heck does that even mean?

On Aug 09, 2023

Issue 136

DRD136: The mud puddles and needlework issue.

On Jul 26, 2023

Issue 135

DRD135: One hundred million Threads users can't be wrong, can they?

On Jul 12, 2023

Issue 134

DRD134: Don't hide your bugs ... celebrate them!

On Jun 28, 2023

Issue 133

DRD133: Summertime ... and the livin' is easy ...

On Jun 14, 2023

Issue 132

DRD132: Not the Edgar Allan Poe kind of pendulum (thankfully).

On May 31, 2023

Issue 131

DRD131: We return, but with some really sad news.

On May 17, 2023

Issue 130

DRD130: It was really just a matter to time before we get back to yet another gratuitous Star Trek metaphor.

On Apr 19, 2023

Issue 129

DRD129: "Open the pod bay doors, please, Hal".

On Apr 05, 2023

Issue 128

DRD128: The real meaning of dashboard, imaginary planets and parking spaces. We have something for everybody!

On Mar 22, 2023

Issue 127

DRD127: We're driving you to abstraction this issue.

On Mar 08, 2023

Issue 126

DRD126: Real life is so much more important than any of this stuff.

On Feb 22, 2023

Issue 125

DRD125: The Food Issue. Sort of.

On Feb 08, 2023

Issue 124

DRD124: The Best of 2022

On Jan 11, 2023

Issue 122

DRD122: Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. - Vince Lombardi

On Dec 14, 2022

Issue 121

DRD121: Havin' the tremors in the thighbone, Shakin' all over...

On Nov 30, 2022

Issue 120

DRD120: The all mastadons, chickens and eggs issue.

On Nov 16, 2022

Issue 119

DRD119: Instead of defining 'done', let's define 'enough'.

On Nov 02, 2022

Issue 118

DRD118: No matter what the future brings / As time goes by...

On Oct 19, 2022

Issue 117

DRD117: It's the dogs and cats issue.

On Oct 05, 2022

Issue 116

DRD116: The don't be evil issue.

On Sep 21, 2022

Issue 115

DRD115: It's time put the user back in user experience.

On Sep 07, 2022

Issue 114

DRD114: The 'yes Virginia, there is no free lunch' issue.

On Aug 24, 2022

Issue 113

DRD113: The Mid-Century Modern issue.

On Aug 10, 2022

Issue 112

DRD112: Think that all the great app ideas have already been thought up?

On Jul 27, 2022

Issue 111

DRD111: Just when things look overwhelming, a little informal psychology for app creators.

On Jul 13, 2022

Issue 110

DRD110: The edition where we go all science-y.

On Jun 29, 2022

Issue 109

DRD109: The only dumb question is the one you don't ask.

On Jun 15, 2022

Issue 108

DRD108: It's the all impostors all the time issue.

On Jun 01, 2022

Issue 107

DRD107: To be a star, be on the lookout for the next AWS.

On May 18, 2022

Issue 106

DRD106: [tbd]

On May 04, 2022

Issue 105

DRD105: The eyes have it.

On Mar 23, 2022

Issue 104

DRD104: Big versus small companies, feature parity and a missing Tube station.

On Mar 09, 2022

Issue 103

DRD103: We're suckers for The Hudsucker Proxy.

On Feb 23, 2022

Issue 102

DRD102: Big companies sometimes get a bad rap. But read on before deciding you don't want to work for one.

On Feb 09, 2022

Issue 101

DRD101: Some advice on selection criteria for that first big job out of schoool.

On Jan 26, 2022

Issue 100

DRD097: [TBD]

On Dec 12, 2021

Issue 99

DRD099: Our 'Gretzky' issue is the last of 2021.

On Dec 08, 2021

Issue 98

DRD098: College days, easy icons, Black Friday fisticuffs and virtual reality. Something for every occassion.

On Nov 24, 2021

Issue 97

DRD097: It’s our all Blaise Pascal all the time issue.

On Nov 10, 2021

Issue 96

DRD096: Origin stories, a new release of DRGTK, Dolly Parton and lots more reading in this issue!

On Oct 27, 2021

Issue 95

DRD095: [TBD]

On Oct 13, 2021

Issue 94

DRD094: Accessibility: it's really about better UX for *everybody*.

On Sep 29, 2021

Issue 93

DRD093: The 'Twitter is Misunderstood' issue.

On Sep 15, 2021

Issue 92

DRD092: The all broken bones, hauntings and easter eggs issue.

On Sep 01, 2021

Issue 91

DRD090: The Design Issue. Well, sort of.

On Aug 18, 2021

Issue 90

DRD090: The Design Issue. Well, sort of.

On Aug 04, 2021

Issue 89

DRD089: We're back in our usual format! Suitable for framing or wrapping fish.

On Jul 21, 2021

Issue 87

DRD087: It's all about making the best use of your time.'

On Jun 23, 2021

Issue 86

DRD086: It's our annual all zombies all the time issue. Actually there are only a couple of items which are anything about zombies, but we just really liked the headline.

On Jun 09, 2021

Issue 85

DRD085: It's the all 2010 all the time issue.

On May 26, 2021

Issue 84

DRD084: Sometimes an old technique can help you solve a new problem.

On May 12, 2021

Issue 83

DRD083: Which language you choose depends a lot on what you plan to do with it.

On Apr 28, 2021

Issue 82

DRD082: We hit 1000 subscribers!

On Apr 14, 2021

Issue 81

DRD081: This issue starts and ends with turning points.

On Mar 31, 2021

Issue 80

DRD080: Comparison is invidious. No, we didn't know, either, but now we do know we couldn't agree more.

On Mar 17, 2021

Issue 79

DRD079: Ask not what Open Source can do for you but rather what you can do for Open Source. That, and goats.

On Mar 03, 2021

Issue 78

DRD078: Smoking soldering irons, full hechts, a treasure trove of free imagery and flabby code...this issue has something for everybody!

On Feb 17, 2021

Issue 77

DRD077: The less said the better.

On Feb 03, 2021

Issue 76

DRD076: New year, new look for the DragonRuby Dispatch! More of what you want, less of what you don't.

On Jan 20, 2021

Issue 75

DRD075: One last look back on 2020 before we forever banish the whole dumpster fire from our collective memories.

On Jan 06, 2021

Issue 74

DRD074: Solving problems the un-modern way, my new Apple Watch and the changing privacy landscape.

On Dec 23, 2020

Issue 73

DRD073: It's our second anniversary and we're celebrating!

On Dec 09, 2020

Issue 72

DRD072: Folks, do we have some gems for you this issue: there's even a setup and a punchline.

On Nov 25, 2020

Issue 71

DRD071: Oh, it's so nice to be back.

On Nov 11, 2020

Issue 70

DRD070: Get your fill of DRD before we take off for an issue or two.

On Sep 30, 2020

Issue 69

DRD069: Why on earth does Tim Horton's need to know where I am ALL THE TIME?

On Sep 16, 2020

Issue 68

DRD068: How the new Alberta RCMP crime reporting app is handling your data ought to be a crime itself.

On Sep 02, 2020

Issue 67

DRD067: Canada's approach to app-based COVID alerts. Also, what Grady Booch finds fascinating. And all the other mobile app development news that's not quite fit to print.

On Aug 19, 2020

Issue 66

DRD066: It's a retro extravaganza including the Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote and the Dewey Decimal System.

On Aug 05, 2020

Issue 65

DRD065: David (Heinemeier Hansson) and Goliath, getting fleeced with fleeceware and ignoring all those annoying alarms.

On Jul 22, 2020

Issue 64

DRD064: An epic (app) launch fail and a retro game riff in this issue. Lots of examples and accompanying source code for your amusement and edification.

On Jul 08, 2020

Issue 63

DRD063: In an attempt to get quoted in this issue we're quoting others who are a lot smarter than us.

On Jun 24, 2020

Issue 62

DRD062: It's not all about us.

On Jun 10, 2020

Issue 61

DRD061: In this issue, we clear out the Ongoing-PITA file.

On May 27, 2020

Issue 60

DRD060: Socially distanced content for a socially distant audience.

On May 13, 2020

Issue 59

DRD059: We're now all COVID-19, all the time! Actually, we're kidding. But our theme for this issue are the challenges and opportunities from living through these strange times.

On Apr 29, 2020

Issue 58

DRD058: Fed up with all the bad news? We have some links to help create your own news feed so you can report only happy news! Also 🎉 500 subscribers!

On Apr 15, 2020

Issue 57

DRD057: It may be April Fools' Day but, no kidding, this issue is no joke. It is multilingual, however.

On Apr 01, 2020

Issue 56

DRD056: Your one piece of email this week which will not contain *that* word. Anywhere. Not even once.

On Mar 18, 2020

Issue 55

DRD055: It's the once-a-year special 7DRL Edition!

On Mar 04, 2020

Issue 54

DRD054: This issue, we live and die in the garden of good and evil. Oh, yes, and tips on how to better organize your code!

On Feb 19, 2020

Issue 53

DRD053: We have all the elements of a semi-decent movie: rejection, a benevolent villain we just can't help but love, something for the kids, a teachable moment and a joke you may not...

On Feb 05, 2020

Issue 52

#OPED ‐ Our Unvarnished Opinion

On Jan 22, 2020

Issue 51

#FITS ‐ Featured in the School

On Jan 08, 2020

Issue 50

Our fiftieth issue! When we started last December, I must admit, I didn’t know if I could manage put out a regular newsletter. We’ve come a long way in a year, so let’s celebrate with...

On Dec 18, 2019

Issue 49

#OPED ‐ Our Unvarnished Opinion

On Dec 11, 2019

Issue 48

#OPED ‐ Our Unvarnished Opinion

On Dec 04, 2019

Issue 47

#OPED ‐ Our Unvarnished Opinion

On Nov 27, 2019

Issue 46

#OPED ‐ Our Unvarnished Opinion

On Nov 20, 2019

Issue 45

#OPED ‐ Our Unvarnished Opinion

On Nov 13, 2019

Issue 44

#OPED ‐ Our Unvarnished Opinion

On Nov 06, 2019

Issue 43

#OPED ‐ Our Unvarnished Opinion

On Oct 30, 2019

Issue 42

#OPED ‐ Our Unvarnished Opinion

On Oct 23, 2019

Issue 41

#OPED — Our Unvarnished Opinion

On Oct 16, 2019

Issue 40

#OPED — Our Unvarnished Opinion

On Oct 09, 2019

Issue 39

#OPED—Lori’s Unvarnished Opinion

On Oct 03, 2019

Issue 38

#OPED—Our Unvarnished Opinion

On Sep 25, 2019

Issue 37

#OPED—Our Unvarnished Opinion

On Sep 18, 2019

Issue 36

This is an all community links edition. To clear out my backlog, and because I have pneumonia (cough, haaaack) and I’m too tired to do anything else. —wndxlori\

On Sep 11, 2019

Issue 35

This week we have some late breaking news.  First up, a timely warning about a change in the behaviour of UIImagePickerController from Craig Hockenberry. Nasty bug, and we’ll probably...

On Sep 04, 2019

Issue 34

Couple of things I wanted to mention today, as I don’t have anything deep to offer ;-)

On Aug 28, 2019

Issue 33

This week I was out camping. As I set up this newsletter before I head out, I was thinking about my last camping trip…the one where I broke my wrist. That was at the end of June, and ...

On Aug 21, 2019

Issue 32

This week I’m pretty happy to be working on course planning for the fall. I will be teaching (live-in-person) coding skills in a program for Women Entrepreneurs. Eventually these cour...

On Aug 14, 2019

Issue 31

Here we are in August already.  Summer sure is flying by (if you are in the Northern hemisphere like me). If you are like me, you had a lot of things you wanted to get accomplished th...

On Aug 07, 2019

Issue 30

I’m going to start working on creating a couple of wrapper apps (iOS & Android) for a Rails application that I have built for a client. Eventually, the creation of these apps will...

On Jul 31, 2019

Issue 29

I’ll just channel my husband this week with his grumpy old geek hat on (he’s a Linux/Unix and network systems administrator) and say that y’all shouldn’t be depending on any particula...

On Jul 24, 2019

Issue 28

So, I fractured my wrist when we were camping.  My left wrist.  And yes, as a matter of fact I AM left handed, and it IS a total PITA. I can sorta, kinda type.  Just not very well. So...

On Jul 17, 2019

Issue 27


On Jul 10, 2019

Issue 26


On Jul 03, 2019

Issue 25


On Jun 19, 2019

Issue 24

#OPEDHey folks, we are back. Thanks for being patient while I dealt with the final days, death, and funeral of my brother, Jeff.It’s been a rough time for my whole family, and I neede...

On Jun 12, 2019

Issue 23

#FITS: Featured in the School

On May 08, 2019

Issue 22


On May 01, 2019

Issue 21


On Apr 24, 2019

Issue 20


On Apr 17, 2019

Issue 19


On Apr 10, 2019

Issue 18


On Apr 03, 2019

Issue 17


On Mar 27, 2019

Issue 16


On Mar 20, 2019

Issue 15


On Mar 13, 2019

Issue 14

This week’s big news is the official announcement from Amir Rajan about the new, long term strategy for RubyMotion which is being rolled out under the DragonRuby brand. Amir covers of...

On Mar 06, 2019

Issue 13

One of the things I love about application development is the power it has to change lives. This local story highlighted a huge change for the people of Alberta, the province where I ...

On Feb 27, 2019

Issue 12

On the off chance that anyone missed it… The Apple Developer portal is going to start requiring Two Factor Authentication next week. You should have received an email from Apple abou...

On Feb 20, 2019

Issue 11

I’d like to send out a great big WELCOME to all the former subscribers of the RubyMotion Dispatch that signed up this week, after Todd’s farewell blast to his list. I missed the Disp...

On Feb 13, 2019

Issue 10

I know I’m in Canada 🇨🇦, so I’m supposed to be used to the cold, but the polar vortex finally moved in this weekend and man is it cold 🥶. And no end in sight, either. Hope all of yo...

On Feb 06, 2019

Issue 9

If any of you happen to follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably already know that we got a new puppy this summer. His name is Scooter, he is a miniature schnauzer, and he is a...

On Jan 30, 2019

Issue 8

Last week I had a horrible cold 🤒. Being sick sucks. There are however lessons to be learned from being sick for over a week. My business coach has this great saying… “It’s ok to hav...

On Jan 23, 2019

Issue 7

Last week I was in NYC. This week, I’m sick 🤒. Blargh. But the newsletter must go on…

On Jan 16, 2019

Issue 6

Here we go, six weeks in a row. This issue is being sent to you straight from NYC. Have you ever eaten at BareBurger?OMNOMNOMNOM, so good.

On Jan 09, 2019

Issue 5

I hope you all had a Happy New Year 🎉! 2019 is looking good for RubyMotion and the WNDX School.

On Jan 02, 2019

Issue 4

Happy Boxing Day! Yup, I am from 🇨🇦 so today is actually a holiday. Since I’m taking this whole week off, I cued up some content in advance for you. Hope you had a Merry Christmas,...

On Dec 26, 2018

Issue 3

W00t! 3!!! weeks in a row. Hey, do you think that it would be useful to have a jobs section?For a (very) modest fee, I could include job ads for