Issue 148

Lori M Olson Lori M Olson Follow Jan 31, 2024 · 4 mins read
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DRD149: Your every-other-week dose of RubyMotion and DRGTK goodness.

« Vintage Gray Game Console and Joystick » by Lorenzo Herrera via Unsplash.

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TALK — Talk of the Tech 🗣️

If you’ve been getting an odd error code (along the lines of ruby[38865:7941964] unrecognized runtime type) when attempting to build with iOS, thankfully there is now a workaround courtesy DragonRider Eamonn Webster.

Meanwhile, over on the DRGTK Discord, Dan Healy addresses the 800 pound elephant 🐘 in the room with “y’all getting paid for these contributions?” He then goes on to talk about “freely contribut[ing] to OSS” as opposed to “a commercial product”. It’s an interesting discussion, worthy of your time.

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GAME — All Things Gaming 🕹️

When we first spotted this our initial thought was to throw it on the #HAHA pile and call it a day. Then we thought about it for a while and it actually sounds like a pretty good idea — one you might seriously consider including in your next project.

In fact, we think there are lots of situations where this concept would be handy: like the wifi setup for our fancy bathroom scale, for example. We only have to do that every couple of years and it inevitably involves re-learning the entire process from scratch each time. That does seem like a waste of time, no?

Deliver the right amount of correct information and only precisely when it’s needed seems to be the way to go.

TWIL — This Week [We] Learned 🤓

Ever heard of NeRF? No, not that ⬅️ kind of Nerf. This kind of NeRF, as in Neural Radiance Field. Forget about the complicated name — we think you’re going to be wowed by what it can do. Hint: before you know it, you’ll be using NeRF to scan your Nerf.

APP — All Things App📱

Ever wonder why some UIs seem to have it nicely ‘together’ design-wise while others look like the colour palette and the components were loaded up in a blunderbuss and fired at the canvas from a moving car? Yep, it’s all about picking colours that look good and — just as important — go with each other.

If, like us, you’re a little challenged in this regard, this new Tailwind CSS Color Generator will save your day as it will ours at some point in the future. It even streamlines turning your colour choices into code as well. Very cool.

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SPOT — Spotlight On 🔦

If you’re feeling in need of a little inspiration, a solid demo is always a good place to look, as was also noted on the Discord recently. Check out Lockdown from Aquator — looks good!

HAHA — And They All Laughed (or Cried) 🎭

A little starved for encouragement, are we?

(credit: [zwelingo | r/justgamedevthings](
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