Issue 28

17 July 2019

by Lori M Olson

So, I fractured my wrist when we were camping.  My left wrist.  And yes, as a matter of fact I AM left handed, and it IS a total PITA. I can sorta, kinda type.  Just not very well. So, instead of typing up a story today, I’m just going to share a book recommendation that I think you will enjoy. Imposter syndrome seems to be overly common among developers.  The Alter Ego Effect can help with that.  – wndxlori

#FITS—Featured in the School

Last week we soft launched our new, standalone RubyMotion Testing In Depth course and the early response has been terrific! But we are still looking for more feedback which we will be incorporating forthwith as we march relentlessly forward to the official launch.

To refresh your memory, the robust course curriculum includes coverage of MacBaconRSpecAppiumCucumber and lots, lots more. We are also pleased to announce that we have extended our discount just for #RMW readers! All you need to do is provide the promo code JULY1915OFF at checkout and you will get 15% off the total.

The winner of the FREE enrolment in the course from last week was Jeremiah Parrack out of beautiful Atlanta, Georgia. Congratulations, Jeremiah, and to everybody else who entered thank you. Also, you’ll find another chance to win a FREE enrolment in the RubyMotion Testing In Depth course in this issue of #RMW.

#DRGTK—DragonRuby Game Toolkit

The good news is that Ryan announced the availability of a new build for the DRGTK. The even better news is he also incidentally helped make our case for robust testing, as he and Amir went on to describe a couple of issues which were required to be addressed after the build was released. Hey, Ryan & Amir, we hear there is a great new course called RubyMotion Testing In Depth?!

Just sayin’

#MSH—Motioneers Slack Highlights

There was an interesting discussion on the Motioneers Slack team recently where Brett Walker announced the initial port of the html-pipeline gem to make it compatible with RubyMotion. Logically, he calls it motion-html-pipeline.

This triggered a discussion between Brett and Andrew Havens where Andrew described having done something similar called motion-html. Andrew describes motion-html as “like Nokogiri for RubyMotion” One catch, though: Brett pointed out that motion-html is based on the IGHTMLQuery pod which hasn’t been updated in a couple of years. Brett has chosen to use HTMLKit which is still an active project.

While this is a quick overview of the thread, nothing is like reading the real thing. We strongly encourage you to take a look and, by all means, join the conversation of course. But first, if you haven’t already, you’ll have to join the Motioneers Slack team which we think is a good move regardless.

#GOTW—Gem of the Week

While not exactly a gem, Gwendal Roué of Pierlis has a CocoaPod for those seeking a way to easily adapt a FMDB-dependent code base to use the more up-to-date GRDBGRDBObjc, as Gwendal describes it, “helps Objective-C applications that use SQLite replace FMDB with GRDB, at minimal cost.” It’s a fairly complicated subject, so thankfully Gwendal has provided a very readable which explains the concepts in a lot more detail and provides helpful illustrative examples. Thanks, Gwendal, this is great.

Do you have a gem of a gem you think the world has overlooked? Let us know and we’ll happily feature it in this space.


We have thought for a long time that what this world lacks are searchable, full-text transcripts of all the WWDC sessions. For example, ever wonder how many times ‘Steve Jobs’ is mentioned? Well, since you ask, 18 times. And here’s a stunner: Steve Wozniak? Not once! As usual, there is no justice in the world for The Other Steve.

This fact aside, you simply have to give it a try: ASCIIwwdc. It appears as though they go back as far as 2010, and 2019 is still in the works, we presume. We have the good folks at NSHipster to thank for this. It’s a truly valuable resource.

Oh, right, and for a FREE enrolment in RubyMotion Testing In Depth, who infamously “held out for the cash” when offered payment in Apple stock by Wozniak and Jobs? Tweet your answer to @WNDXschool and if you’re the first one to get it right, you’re enrolled for FREE! Bonus points (actually, not) if you get the unusual middle initial correct.

#AHOTW—App Highlight of the Week

11 hours, 11 minutes and 11 seconds of Crickets.

Just sayin’\

#TWIL—This Week I Learned

We have a very #TWIL-worthy item this week. If you’re like us, you believe what you can’t figure out on the iPhone simply by futzing around with it while waiting for the bus probably isn’t worth knowing. NOT TRUE! Here’s a great article from the AppleInsider on how to quickly access iOS features via Control Center’s hidden options. We were pretty sure we knew what the Control Center (y’know, that thing you get by swiping down from the top right corner) could do, but we were WRONG. There’s lots of handy hidden stuff there for the taking, with each discovery punctuated by that satisfying getting-something-for-nothing “huh!”

That’s a Wrap!

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