Issue 6

9 January 2019

by Lori M Olson

Here we go, six weeks in a row. This issue is being sent to you straight from NYC. Have you ever eaten at BareBurger? OMNOMNOMNOM, so good.

This week I’m at a session with my business coach, planning out my year. Seems like a good time to ask y’all what you’d like to see in the school this year. Here’s a tiny, short form, only 3 questions. Or, if you’d like to just hit reply, you can tell me exactly what you’re looking for.

Slack Highlights

Still catching up on some stuff from my Christmas break. John Wood asked, “How can I use the REPL at runtime”? Although this video on the REPL is a good resource, there was a deeper problem here. You see, when you start the REPL by running rake in your RubyMotion project, you don’t get any prompt back now. If you hit the enter key, then you will see the prompt. For those who’ve been working with RubyMotion for a while, this is something we have become used to, but the absence of the prompt is definitely confusing for novice users.

And if you haven’t signed up for Slack yet, you can get access by going to

Gem of the Week

Questions about authentication have come up several times in the last few weeks, so I thought it was about time to feature Andrew Havens’ motion-authentication gem. This gem makes it super easy to authenticate with an authentication strategy. A Devise strategy is included, so you can authenticate against a Rails app using Devise, but you can check it out and add more strategies if you need a different one.

I’m featuring RubyMotion gems here each week. Sometimes because they are awesome, and sometimes because they need some love. Remember, if you have a gem you’d like featured, just reply to this email, or you can PM me in Slack!

Community Forum

The forum has been pretty quiet lately, so I’m reaching back to this post from johnw on “Error running app on a device”. When running rake device, this error occurred:

cannot find developer disk image in '/Applications/
/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/DeviceSupport' for version11.4.1
Error when starting debug server service: code -402653150
Make sure RubyMotion is using a valid (non-expired) provisioning profile
and that no other process (iTunes, Xcode) is connected to your iOS device
at the same time (even through Wi-Fi).

So, this helpful error message about the provisioning profile was a bit of a red herring. The actual problem was, as stated, that the DDI for iOS 11.4.1 was not installed.

And here’s your reminder to introduce yourself on the Hello World post on the community forum!

App Highlight of the Week

Did you know the awesome Freckle time tracking application (written in Rails), has a cool menubar app that was written with RubyMotion by the multi-talented Thomas Fuchs? Check it out! Maybe you can think of a handy macOS menubar utility you’d like to write!

Psst!!! If you have an app (even if it’s not in the App Store) send me the details, and I’ll add it to the list to be featured!

Do you know if your app is accessible? This week I learned that it’s probably not, but you can check it out yourself, and create a test plan to help you review and fix any problems.

That’s it for this week!

Regards, Lori

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