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Lori M Olson Lori M Olson Follow Nov 01, 2023 · 7 mins read
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DRD143: It's your every-other-week safari 🦍 across the DragonRuby, RubyMotion and Ruby landscape.
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Facepalm 🤦🏼‍♀️

Argh. Okay, the recording for the No Code — Can You Build An App in An Hour? live session was a failure. But don’t despair.

First of all we discovered that yes, we can build an app in an hour. With adequate preparation. Which kind of amazed me to be totally honest with you.

Second, we ran into a couple of challenges with the ‘free’ side of Adalo, the no-code service we tried. Since we lost the recording and I’d like to see how — the other no-code service on my short list — stacks up, I’ll be repeating the session, but this time with the latter. And, yes, there will be a recording this time!

Stay tuned — that will be scheduled shortly. Meanwhile, I’m actually on vacation. Like, on a plane right now. For the time being, take care of yourselves, and c-ya when I return!

Apps for Seniors

Anywho … before Lori left on vacation, she found this ⬅️ game — Wordscapes Search from PeopleFun — for her 88 year old mom. She absolutely loves it (to the point of staying up to 2am playing!!) but when they found this puzzle, they both had to laugh. No, actually you won’t find any elk in Antarctica — which sort of undercuts the I in AI, doesn’t it?

Do you know anyone who might have a great game idea, or even more than one, for seniors but don’t know how to code or where to start? Ruby is a great language for beginners and they will find Programming Fundamentals with Ruby quite approachable. Then … they can move on to the DRGTK Tutorial and be well on their way!

Vacation 🦁 Time 🦒 for 🦓 Lori!

As noted, Lori is off on a really exotic vacation — we can’t wait to hear about it when she gets back — but that means the schedule for both Tales from the Dragon and DragonRuby Dispatch will be a little touch-n-go in the near future. Nevertheless, the next issue of TftD will be out on November 22nd and the next issue of DRD is due out on November 29th. Mark your calendars and/or subscribe to one and/or both so you don’t miss a thing.

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TALK — Talk of the Tech

From the Discord channel this time ‘round we have an interesting case study: member bars.eek says they started with DragonRuby 10 days prior, and this is what was produced. It’s really pretty good, considering the ridiculously tight timeframe. So … if you were introduced to a new language what do you think you could produce from scratch in 10 days?

Meanwhile, over on Slack, RubyMotion 9.1 has been released! Be the first kid on the block to get it.

GAME — All Things Gaming

‘Tis the season. Well, not really. At least not yet. But in some parts of the world (including this one) the white stuff has already begun to fall. Which is what made this amazing pixel art found in a toot 💨 on Mastodon so à propos. The light playing off the falling snowflakes is worth the price of admission alone.

APP — All Things App

Here at DRD, we’re map people — we just love looking at them 🗺️ no matter whether they are new or old, digital or this weird, new-fangled thing called p-a-p-e-r. No batteries required. Cool. In any event, if you’re like us you’re going to love Protomaps. It’s a “free and open source map of the world”, sure, but the real headline is “deployed as a single static file”. It employs MapLibre, the use of which is covered in Simon Willison’s TILs. There’s a million bucks 💰 in here somewhere.

SPOT — Spotlight On …

Okay, the best product name we have come across in a while — envelope please — TLDR which we found out about in yet another Mastodon toot. 💨 Spoiler alert: it’s a new testing framework for Ruby. But as you’ll see, that name is ‘meta’ in so many ways.

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TWIL — This Week [We] Learned …

In some circles — not ones in which we hang out, mind you — it seems the ultimate insult is to say that a person “just sits around and plays video games all day”. First of all, there’s huge money to be made if you’re really good at it — just ask N0tail — and there’s pretty good money to be made creating them too, also if you’re really good at it.

The surmon you didn’t want over, there’s also some pretty virtuous uses of video gaming tech, such as the use of virtual reality (VR) in healthcare. Gaming is not just for entertainment any more. To wit: Neuro RecoVR which “integrates virtual reality, game theory and design for stroke recovery”. And, yes, it’s a LinkedIn link. Scoff if you must, but LinkedIn has actually become a better news source than most other social media. Also, there’s more info available directly from Red Iron Labs.

HAHA — And They All Laughed

Now that we have filled your head with video game dollar signs, we’re going to grab an ankle before you float away completely and bring you back down to Planet Earth.

Yep, sad but true. But don’t worry, you can still do it if you really want to do it. However, thanks to Ben Esposito for this timely words of wisdom.

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