Issue 7

16 January 2019

by Lori M Olson

Last week I was in NYC. This week, I’m sick 🤒. Blargh. But the newsletter must go on…

Ok, I know there’s 150 of you on this mailing list already (yay). But a grand total of only 4 people filled out my form 🥺. It’s really just a tiny, short form, only 3 questions. It’ll take you less than 30 secs to fill out, but it would really help me out with content planning for the year.

Slack Highlights

In a discussion about live reload via pm_live, started by Corey Condardo, we were reminded that pm_live no longer works. But don’t despair, because you can use this nifty auto build script that Amir posted, to eval anything you type in the REPL.

And if you haven’t signed up for Slack yet, you can get access by going to

Gem of the Week

Over on rubymotion-applied, thanks to Amir, we have a nice set of examples of using Bacon to test your RubyMotion code. Testing can sometimes be hard, so more examples are good to have around!

I’m featuring RubyMotion gems here each week. Sometimes because they are awesome, and sometimes because they need some love. Remember, if you have a gem you’d like featured, just reply to this email, or you can PM me in Slack!

Community Forum

This week in “community”, since the forum is still a bit quiet, I thought I’d mention Amir’s hunt for a new logo for Dragon Ruby. Dragon Ruby is the open source initiative for RubyMotion. Since RubyMotion is built on the LLVM, and the LLVM logo is a dragon… So go check out the logo contest, and sign in there to vote for your favourites. (Psst. Number 94 is MY favourite. Vote for it!!!)

And here’s your reminder to introduce yourself on the Hello World post on the community forum!

App Highlight of the Week

I suppose it might be possible that people on this list could be unaware of Amir’s award winning text adventure game, A Dark Room. But did you know that he’s also been working on a manuscript about his adventures in dealing with the rollercoaster ride to #1? It makes for some fascinating behind-the-scenes reading.

Psst!!! If you have an app (even if it’s not in the App Store) send me the details, and I’ll add it to the list to be featured!

Here’s a Swift project for the Coordinator pattern. I think it would make a great RubyMotion gem, if anyone was looking for a small project to work on.

And our bonus extra link… Donald Knuth’s next book is finally coming out. The original first volume was published over 50 years ago (and with a few updates, still totally relevant today), and he’s still working on more algorithms in more books.

That’s it for this week! Cough, cough, ACHOO!

Regards, Lori

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