Issue 38

25 September 2019

by Lori M Olson

#OPED—Our Unvarnished Opinion

After we added the #DRGTK—DragonRuby Game Toolkit section, it was pointed out to me that the #RMW didn’t really offer much in the way of Android content. So this week we are debuting our new #Android—Nothin’ But… section. Hit reply and let me know what you think! — WNDXlori

#ANDROID—Nothin’ but…

And here it is, a section dedicated to nothing but Android content. Clearly this is long overdue and we’re going to kick things off with a tweet from the fertile feed of MadeWithReactNative: a little bash script to start an Android emulator. When we looked at this we had our fair share of “why didn’t we think of that?!” Because clearly we’re not as sharp as the folks over there, that’s why.

#GOTW—Gem of the Week

AS WNDXlori said when she dropped this on our desk: “Not a RubyMotion gem. So sue me.” 😆 To be candid, we have been steadily dropping various tools to automate social media posts. They are getting kinda pricey and, besides, nothing seems to perform as well in the wild as a ‘hand crafted’ tweet or post. But we were still left with a sense that a little automation would still be nice and this tool is probably all we need. The price is certainly right. Thanks to Erik Berlin for this. Pro tip: if you tweet to a lot of people on the list you will get rate limited pretty fast. Here’s our experimentation in pursuit of optimum posting times.


If you’re like us and have a perverse, contrarian urge not to use the uber-trendy dark mode—for anything!—then Tim Johnsen has an easy way to have your whole app opt out. The rest of the story is best told by Tim himselfSpoiler alertInfo.plist. Thanks, Tim…great tip!

#AHOTW—App Highlight of the Week

We’ll spare you the corny crickets or cicadas sounds…suffice to say that we were not overwhelmed by nominees for #AHOTW this week. Where some see a problem, others may see an opportunity?

#DRGTK—DragonRuby Game Toolkit

A nice little DragonRuby testimonial from Sahil Jain along with a dandy little RPG. No, not a rocket propelled grenade, but rather…or what the heck, just give it a whirlSpoiler alertPokemon Lite.

#DRSH—Dragon Riders Slack Highlights

Will Jessop over on the Dragon Riders’ Slack asked a question that we’re sure is on a lot of people’s minds at the moment: with “no Application Loader in the new Xcode, how do [we] submit binaries to the app store now?” Here’s where the conversation went after that. Spoiler alertStack Overflow and Fastlane.

#TWIL—This Week I Learned

One of these labour-intensive, miserable little chores is moving our stuff from one machine to another. While Mac’s are pretty good with that, developer tools can still cause a lot of grief. Garth Mortensen has gotten a Homebrew transfer down to two lines of code. Brilliant…thanks Garth.

That’s a Wrap!

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Until next time…remember, less can sometimes be more.

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