Issue 48

4 December 2019

by Lori M Olson

#OPED ‐ Our Unvarnished Opinion

It’s that time of year again. The Advent of Code started on December 1. If you were wanting to spend some time solving coding problems for prizes… Now’s your chance. If that’s not your jam, no worries, we are also coming up on Canada Learning Code Week. That doesn’t have to be limited to Canada. If you know a teacher who needs help getting started teaching code in their classroom, all the resources are there and available!

The RubyConf videos are coming fast and furious now. The folks at Confreaks have put together a great playlist on YouTube and WNDXLori’s presentation should be out by Friday.

#DRGTK ‐ DragonRuby Game Toolkit

Ever think that while the DragonRuby Game Tookit is great, what would make it even better is some decent documentation? Think no more! You can now find it on GitHub.

#AHOTW ‐ App Highlight of the Week

For emojis, we think Slack has it just about right. Y’know, type a ‘:’, followed by the name of the emoji and—voilà!—there it is. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that everywhere? Now you can: Rocket by Matthew Palmer. Nope, it’s not a RubyMotion app, BUT IT COULD HAVE BEEN. Just sayin.

#DRSH ‐ Dragon Riders’ Slack Highlights

Some highlights which are just more ‘high’ than others. To wit, our friend Amir Rajanjust announced RubyMotion 7.0 is out, and those release notes are something else! Cue the endorphin hit. While you’re there, become a  Dragon Rider. You’ll be glad you did.

#ANDROID ‐ Nothin’ but…

It’s that time of year again. Yep, it’s the NDHP (non-denominational holiday period). What to buy your loved one or, better yet, yourself for an NDHP gift? How about one of the best new Android products as rated by AndroidCentral.

#GOTW ‐ Gem of the Week

Jamon Holmgren and Todd Werth have called RedPotion the Rails of RubyMotion, that is “an opinionated set of libraries and best practices”. But sometimes you just need one piece of it, like MotionPrint.

#COMM ‐ Community

From TAB Edit (AKA TheAppBusiness) on Medium, an excellent article by Sam Dodson the newish pull-to-search idiom intended to make one-handed mobile device usage easier. All you ever wanted to know about it is here.

#TWIL ‐ This Week I Learned

We hope we’re not the last ones to know (but it is just possible) that in addition to UIButton you can also make a tappable UILabelRIP Tutorial grabbed this nugget from archived documentation on StackOverflow. Dang handy.

#HAHA ‐ And They All Laughed…

An innovation on the time-tested chicken ‘n pig joke from Jake Calabrese at Agile Safari.

That’s a Wrap!

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