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Issue 8

Last week I had a horrible cold 🤒. Being sick sucks. There are however lessons to be learned from being sick for over a week. My business coach has this great saying… “It’s ok to hav...

On Jan 23, 2019

Issue 7

Last week I was in NYC. This week, I’m sick 🤒. Blargh. But the newsletter must go on…

On Jan 16, 2019

Issue 6

Here we go, six weeks in a row. This issue is being sent to you straight from NYC. Have you ever eaten at BareBurger?OMNOMNOMNOM, so good.

On Jan 09, 2019

Issue 5

I hope you all had a Happy New Year 🎉! 2019 is looking good for RubyMotion and the WNDX School.

On Jan 02, 2019

Issue 4

Happy Boxing Day! Yup, I am from 🇨🇦 so today is actually a holiday. Since I’m taking this whole week off, I cued up some content in advance for you. Hope you had a Merry Christmas,...

On Dec 26, 2018

Issue 3

W00t! 3!!! weeks in a row. Hey, do you think that it would be useful to have a jobs section?For a (very) modest fee, I could include job ads for any RubyMotion jobs you might have op...

On Dec 19, 2018

Issue 2

Hey, look at that… I managed to do this 2 weeks in a row ;-)

On Dec 12, 2018

Issue 1

Well it’s finally time. The RubyMotion Weekly Newsletter is setup and ready to roll. This takes the place of the barelylaunched WNDX School newsletter. I wanted to expand to includeAL...

On Dec 06, 2018

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