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Issue 28

So, I fractured my wrist when we were camping.  My left wrist.  And yes, as a matter of fact I AM left handed, and it IS a total PITA. I can sorta, kinda type.  Just not very well. So...

On Jul 17, 2019

Issue 27


On Jul 10, 2019

Issue 26


On Jul 03, 2019

Issue 25


On Jun 19, 2019

Issue 24

#OPEDHey folks, we are back. Thanks for being patient while I dealt with the final days, death, and funeral of my brother, Jeff.It’s been a rough time for my whole family, and I neede...

On Jun 12, 2019

Issue 23

#FITS: Featured in the School

On May 08, 2019

Issue 22


On May 01, 2019

Issue 21


On Apr 24, 2019

Issue 20


On Apr 17, 2019

Issue 19


On Apr 10, 2019

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