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Issue 38

#OPED—Our Unvarnished Opinion

On Sep 25, 2019

Issue 37

#OPED—Our Unvarnished Opinion

On Sep 18, 2019

Issue 36

This is an all community links edition. To clear out my backlog, and because I have pneumonia (cough, haaaack) and I’m too tired to do anything else. —wndxlori\

On Sep 11, 2019

Issue 35

This week we have some late breaking news.  First up, a timely warning about a change in the behaviour of UIImagePickerController from Craig Hockenberry. Nasty bug, and we’ll probably...

On Sep 04, 2019

Issue 34

Couple of things I wanted to mention today, as I don’t have anything deep to offer ;-)

On Aug 28, 2019

Issue 33

This week I was out camping. As I set up this newsletter before I head out, I was thinking about my last camping trip…the one where I broke my wrist. That was at the end of June, and ...

On Aug 21, 2019

Issue 32

This week I’m pretty happy to be working on course planning for the fall. I will be teaching (live-in-person) coding skills in a program for Women Entrepreneurs. Eventually these cour...

On Aug 14, 2019

Issue 31

Here we are in August already.  Summer sure is flying by (if you are in the Northern hemisphere like me). If you are like me, you had a lot of things you wanted to get accomplished th...

On Aug 07, 2019

Issue 30

I’m going to start working on creating a couple of wrapper apps (iOS & Android) for a Rails application that I have built for a client. Eventually, the creation of these apps will...

On Jul 31, 2019

Issue 29

I’ll just channel my husband this week with his grumpy old geek hat on (he’s a Linux/Unix and network systems administrator) and say that y’all shouldn’t be depending on any particula...

On Jul 24, 2019

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